Camp Orenda


Latitude: 43.5695705 Longitude: -74.0111148 Elevation: 1396 ft
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David Webb

What Is Distinctive And Authentic To The Character Of The Region

What makes Orenda unique is that it offers a complete Back Country Camping experience on an amazing and picturesque section of the Lower Adirondack region. The attention to detail, experience and local knowledge is second to none in the area. The quality of service and use of facilities and local region are what makes this camping experience so unique. At Orenda you will be given complete access to an amazing campsite, quality outdoor instruction and guide services in a complete package. The open flame cast iron cooking and meals are gourmet for the back country. You will be able to step back in time and become a frontiersman; camping in traditional canvas tents cabins, enjoying meals cooked on cast iron over an open flame and all the activities at the adventure center that will give you backcountry skills to be remembered for a lifetime. The greatest aspect of Orenda is that you can do so much or just relax and enjoy  the natural surroundings.



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