Jane McCrea

Jane McCrea suffered a mysterious, violent and untimely death during the American Revolutionary War


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Andrew Alberti


You didn't mention that the Indians supposedly showed up at Burgoyne's camp with her scalp, which was recognized by her boy friend. When Burgoyne decided not to punish the Indians, that helped rouse the militias even more.

Al Schultz, 6/10/2017

Hi Al, I think the key word in your comment is "supposedly." Our goal was to point to the contradictions in the storytelling, which is not to be presumed to be fact. That being said, myself and my colleagues in the history community try to combat the idea that the massacre of Jane McCrea "helped rouse the miltia." If you refer to some of the stories from Dr. Asa Fitch you will find that many people ran to, rather than from, Burgoyne's army. I would refer you to the Flight of Eunice Campbell Reid story. https://www.lakestolocks.org/content/the-flight-of-eunice-campbell-reid-1777/ltlf318e53082f0f7e35

Drew Alberti, 8/24/2017

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