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Star Trek Original Series Set Tour: Take a tour of our meticulously re-created Enterprise sets with Star Trek Set Tour crew members. It’s easy to imagine yourself a Starfleet officer assigned to the Starship Enterprise as you walk our corridors. Our crew will give you all the inside details on what it took to film on these beautiful sets back on the original series. This is not to be missed.

William Shatner at Star Trek Tour May 2018!









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Latitude: 43.848329 Longitude: -73.424004 Elevation: 160 ft
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Event Dates

8/24/2018 – 8/26/2018

Admission Fee (if any)

General Admission $65.

Ages Event is Appropriate For

all ages

Event Setting

Trekonderoga is Northern New York's Premier Pop Culture Event. 

The event will operate Noon Friday August 24, 2015 through Sunday August 26th at 5:00PM.

The event is held in downtown Ticonderoga at the Studio 112 Montcalm Street; some events at Ticonderoga Community Center, Ticonderoga High School and other adjacent venues.


Driving Directions

All local - area questions covered at: Star Trek Tour - Trekonderoga Info


or check: Star Trek Tour








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